Recently I wrote a sarcastic and smarmy blog post:  A Thank you to all of the Unethical Attorneys Out There .   The point of the blog post was, in terms of Rainmaking, you cannot create relationships built on lies and unethical behavior.

While there were a number of attorneys who were able to read my sarcasm, there were a number of wonderful, ethical attorneys who thought I was out to smear the legal industry.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What I did learn was an incredibly valuable lesson which I already knew but had forgotten.   Sarcasm is easily misconstrued on the internet.

As someone who teaches Attorneys how to get more clients, I also teach that sarcasm is not always appreciated and that you have to know your audience.

It is something that I should have remembered when writing the post.

To the two attorneys who reminded me of that – Thank you.

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