Rainmaking Recommendation #36 – Don’t say “Goodbye”, say “Talk to you Soon”

How many clients have you had over the years?

If each of these clients could refer just one good client to you, and then each of those new clients could refer one new client to you . . . . and so on and so on, how big would your book of business be?

Each time you finish a legal matter and say “goodbye” to a client, it only takes a short period of time before they begin to forget about the great work you have done.  “Out of sight, out of mind” is a truism.

Instead, find a way to say “Talk to you Soon.”

So how do you keep yourself in their minds at all times?  Keep in Touch.

There are so many methods Rainmakers use to keep in touch on a regular basis:

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Firm announcements
  • Blog posts
  • Holiday Cards

No, you should not become a pain in the butt and bombard them with spam, but you should find a method that works for you to keep in touch on at least a quarterly basis.

Let your clients know that you are still there even if they do not need you at that moment.  In fact, while they might not need you at that moment, they may know someone who does.


  1. Jaimie – great suggestion. I’ve practicved law for 38 years and and I really never followed your advise – but I will now.
    Mark A. Seidl

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