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Rainmaking Recommendation #42: The Second Step to Getting Referrals

Rainmaking Recommendation #41 began the first of three steps on how to get referrals. The first step answered the question:  Are you Referable? The second step answers the question:  Do you know how to give referrals? Why is giving referrals important?  You’ve heard the old adage: “Give to get”.  Nothing could be truer than that […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #41: The First of Three Steps to Get Referrals

Lately I have been discussing referrals a lot with my clients. Recently, I was invited to participate in a podcast with Jared Correia, Law Practice Management Advisor with MassLOMAP for Legal Talk Network Radio on The Power of Legal Referrals, and the one question I get asked the most is how to get more referrals. […]

Rainmaking Recommendation # 40: It doesn’t matter what YOU want

You wouldn’t offer a monkey a slice of cheese when it wants a banana. You wouldn’t give a hungry baby a steak when it wants a bottle of milk. So why is it that we don’t figure out what our potential and current clients really want?  Instead, we tell them what we want for them. […]