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Rainmaking Recommendation #90: This IS all about you

              As the year begins to wind down, you will see blog post after blog post about how to create a goal plan, marketing plan, rainmaking plan.  I have written about it myself many times over the year (see here, here, here, and here). There are hundreds (and I […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #89: What to Expect When They’re Expecting

Great client service is about the client.   I know, how trite.  But so true! However, you need to understand that each client is truly different from each other.  There will be some clients who will want to talk to you every hour on the hour.  There will be others who don’t want to hear […]

Communicating with Clients for Rainmaking Effectiveness

  I recently came across a blog post written by John Camson, an attorney in Pennsylvania, for Lawyerist entitled:  Why Won’t Lawyers Communicate With Their Clients? A well written blog from almost a year ago, it details some of the “reasons” that attorneys do not communicate with their clients during their representation: They have nothing […]