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Rainmaking Recommendation #14: Your Response Is Required

What to keep your clients happy?  Respond. One of the main reasons why clients state that they leave their current attorney’s can be classified as “attorney indifference”.   Attorneys do not respond to emails, voicemails, or requests for information. More often than not, it is because the attorney does not have any current news about a […]

The Use of Sarcasm and How it Backfired on Me

Recently I wrote a sarcastic and smarmy blog post:  A Thank you to all of the Unethical Attorneys Out There .   The point of the blog post was, in terms of Rainmaking, you cannot create relationships built on lies and unethical behavior. While there were a number of attorneys who were able to read my […]

Complimentary Rainmaking Coaching Session!

Ladies & Gentlemen who practice law in the USA I am really happy to make this offer: Would you like a free, no obligation, and most importantly no sales pitch 45 minute Telephone* Rainmaking Training Session with me ($275.00 value)? The first 25 Attorneys to sign up for the bi-monthly Rainmaking Recommendations email by following […]

A Thank You To All The Unethical Attorneys Out There

I want to say “Thank You!” to all of the unethical attorneys out there. To all of the attorneys who have, and are, currently out there committing crimes against the public and their clients, thank you: who have raided their clients escrow accounts to pay for lavish lifestyles who have billed clients for the most […]

Rainmaking Recommendation # 13: The Question You Need to Ask

“How can I help?” The interesting thing about this question is the various responses you can elicit. When asked of friends or family it may bring a closer relationship. When asked of colleagues it may bring to light issues they are having with which you have the solution.  Or it may result in you being […]