What’s going to be NEW in your New Year?



Happy New Year!   

Regardless of when you are reading this, you have the choice to make this year different from the last; this month different from the last month, tomorrow different from today.  In fact, you have the choice to make this minute different from a minute ago.

One of the most oft used quotes is:  “The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  There are some who attribute it to Albert Einstein, some who attribute it to Benjamin Franklin.   It doesn’t matter who said it first, the fact is that it is a cliché which resounds with truth. 

While you can change any aspect of your life that you would like, however, let’s talk specifically about your legal career. 

 What do you want to change most about your practice?  Do you want more of the clients you with whom you would like to work?  Do you want more time off while still being able to increase your billings?  Do you want to change the focus of your practice? 

In order to make any changes, you have to decide what changes you want to make.  Really, it’s that simple.  (Many of the ideas that will be written in this blog will be simple, just not easy. It takes work to make changes, particularly if you have been doing the same things in the same way for a long time.)

There are 4 steps to make a change:

  1. Decide to make a change and write it down as specifically as possible.  The act of writing it down now makes it a more permanent proposition.   
  2. Once you have made the decision, resolve you are going to make this change regardless of how rough the road may get.  
  3. Write down the steps you are going to need to take to make the change
  4. Take one step every day to move towards change. 

This process can be used in any area of your life.  

What changes are you going to make?


  1. Jaimie,
    “Many of the ideas that will be written in this blog will be simple, just not easy.”
    I love it! I tell my clients all the time, “if it’s common sense, why isn’t everyone doing it? Why aren’t you?”
    Easy to understand or say isn’t always easy to do. It’s the ongoing follow through that makes things happen.
    Kim L

  2. “Simple, just not easy” describes so many aspects of the business development, marketing and promotions side of running a firm. This is full of great advice and I look forward to the next installment.

    I especially agree with your point about writing goals down. “The act of writing it down now makes it a more permanent proposition.” I’ve seen this work too many times to take it lightly!

  3. Good advice. While some may disagree, I think it’s also important to be realistic in one’s resolutions. It’s fine to dream of becoming an astronaut by the time you’re 30, but if you’re 27 and have no scientific training and no aviation experience, you probably don’t have any real hope of becoming an astronaut. But you can explore science or flight and make discoveries that are at the heart of your dream without reaching the otherwise random distinction of “astronaut.”