Hey Lawyers: Is a 78% Chance of Rainmaking Success Worth It?

In 2007, Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University of California, conducted a study on goal achievement.

The impetus for Matthews’ study was an oft reported treatise which never existed, but to this day is still repeated and used by personal development gurus around the world. The study which I reference is sometimes told of taking place at Harvard, other times at Yale. It has been written about in books and imparted as Gospel by very famous motivational speakers. However, it was debunked by Lawrence Tabak in 1996 in a Fast Company article, but still people use this as a reason why setting goals is imperative to your success. In the spirit of full disclosure, I, too, mistakenly used this Harvard/Yale study as my reasoning for setting my own goals as well as teaching others to do so effectively.

Thankfully, Dr. Matthews’ study does prove that written goal setting is not only a worthwhile activity, but that it can lead to a marked increase in the achievement of those goals. She discovered that just writing down your goals contributed to a 42% increase in goal achievement. Additionally, the study proved that adding action plans and accountability works even better. Those who converted their goals into actions, made a commitment to a friend, and provided weekly progress reports increased their ability to achieve their goals 78%.

Is a 78% chance of achieving your Rainmaking Goals worth it? 42% chance?

It’s your decision.

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