Rainmaking Recommendation #129: Small Steps Add Up

(Image Courtesy of Freedigitalphoto.net/Master Isolated Images)

(Image Courtesy of Freedigitalphoto.net/Master Isolated Images)

For arguments sake, let’s just say you have worked on an individual Rainmaking/Marketing Plan for your practice.   Maybe you spent hours on it.  Maybe you went to a class, seminar, webinar, presentation, telling you how to develop a plan specifically designed for you.   Maybe you spent money working with a Rainmaking Trainer and or Coach.

That’s great… but here’s a little wake up call for you.  A little kick in the butt if I may.


If you have a plan and you do nothing with it all you have is a piece (or pile) of paper(s) that is collecting dust.

In my last Rainmaking Recommendation, I talked about “excusitis”.  Stop letting excuses prevent you from becoming a Rainmaker.

So you developed your plan, and you detailed different steps you can take to achieve the goals you want, now what?

Schedule the steps.

Each little step you take – no matter how small – leads you forward.  Yet, for some reason, we have a tendency to believe if it isn’t the big grand gesture, it’s not worth doing.

For example, let’s say you wanted to begin speaking to build a book of business.  That phrase may be daunting if you think about it as one idea.  However, when you break it down into the steps necessary to begin doing it, you will find it easier to move ahead.

  • Figure out your target audience
  • Create ideas and topics for your talks
  • Search for associations or groups on Meetup.com in which your target audience are members
  • Send email or call person in charge see if there is any interest (if not, move on to another person/group)
  • Schedule date for presentation
  • Develop presentation
  • Give presentation
  • Follow up. . .

Each is one small step that you can take instead of trying to do it all at once.

As Indira Gandhi once said:

Have a bias toward action – let’s see something happen now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.

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