Rainmaking Recommendation #140: Enlightened Rainmaking™

Image Courtesy of Freedigtalphotos.net/Ambro

Image Courtesy of Freedigtalphotos.net/Ambro

No, this is not about sitting down in a lotus position and meditating (although I do advocate the practice if you so choose).  This is about using a technique or tactic for educating your potential clients, referral sources and clients about the work you do in a way that allows them to come to you.

We all know that you, as an attorney, hate the idea of “selling” your services.  But you also know that if you don’t find a way to let others know what you do, you won’t have clients.   No clients, no business.

The difference between selling and Enlightened Rainmaking™ is that selling pitches, pushes and cajoles people into buying a product or service.  Prior to the internet, it meant that the person who knew about the product or service was the only one with information so they could lead you in the direction THEY wanted you to go in order to get you to buy what THEY wanted you to buy.  This left the consumer feeling like they were goaded into a particular choice.

This method feels sleezy and slimey to many attorneys who believe that “sell” is a 4-letter word.

Now, when a person has a legal issue, a majority will Google that problem and learn about how to solve it.  Some statistics say that the 57% of the buying process is already completed before the prospective clients will contact you.  Some say the stats are more and some less, but regardless, they are going to the internet to find their answers first.

And this is where Enlightened Rainmaking™ comes in – it is about educating.  It is using blogs, white papers, social media, video, seminars and webinars in a precise way that allows prospective clients to determine whether you, the attorney, have the knowledge to solve their problems.  Enlightening them, or education them, without any other agenda but to provide good, interesting and quality information goes a long way to getting prospective clients to know, like and trust you.

And remember, people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Future Rainmaking Recommendations  and blog posts will “enlighten” you on the specific methods on how to use these techniques and tactics to use Enlightened Rainmaking™ to your advantage to build a book of business.




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