Rainmaking Recommendation # 155: You Have to Want It!

Rainmaking is as much of a mind-set as it is a skill set.

You can learn the skills necessary to market your services and position yourself as an authority to your ideal clients.

You can be taught how to network, how to use social media, how to blog or create videos, how to give excellent presentations.  Just like you were taught how to write a brief, argue a motion, research the case.

But the one thing you cannot be taught is commitment.

If you want to become a rainmaker, commit to becoming a rainmaker.

This means, you cannot have any excuses.

One of my favorite personal development teachers, John Assaraf, who is an expert in behavioral and mindset psychology, has said there is a huge difference between being interested and being committed to success:

“If you are interested you’ll do what’s convenient. If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.” John Assaraf

There is a new year fast approaching.  If you truly want to become a rainmaker, then commit to doing whatever it takes to ethically (and I stress that word) become a rainmaker.






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