Rainmaking Recommendation #32: No Excuses!

This may be a bit of an uncomfortable Rainmaking Recommendation for some. However, in order to become Rainmaker, sometimes the truth hurts.

There are two types of people in this world.

  • Those who get it done, and
  • Those who make excuses.

Which are you?

Are you making excuses for the reasons why you haven’t been able to bring new clients or matters into your practice?

Do these sound familiar?

  • I’ve been too busy to follow up,
  • I haven’t had the time (to go to the networking event, or write that blog post, or be involved with Social Media,  etc)
  • I don’t know how (to write a Rainmaking Plan, set goals, organize my office or time more effectively),
  • They don’t call me back,
  • They may say “no”,
  • The weather has been awful so I haven’t been able to leave my office.

Are these and anyone of a plethora of excuses the reasons that you haven’t gotten it done?

If you have a multitude of “reasons” for why are you are not doing the activities which will bring you in new clients, you will never bring in new business.   Stop making excuses find the mentors or teachers who can help you and start making plans to be a Rainmaker.

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  1. Cheryl Floyd says

    This is absolutely true! Several of my girlfriends and I raised children by ourselves and this was our motto. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!


  2. I look forward to more raining making tips!

  3. What about the others who don t fit the mould?….Many young women lawyers measuring themselves against this model quickly determine that s not me… ..In order to put Rapport Talk to work for business development it is important to become more intentional about managing your relationships. In the business context this will include your clients contacts and partners at the firm.

  4. Jaimie Field says

    Cheryl and Isabel – thank you for your comments.

    Christina: you have to find what works for you; everybody’s personality is different and not every Rainmaking Tactic will or work. If you do not like speaking in public, don’t do seminars – but don’t make that the excuse for not doing other things like writing articles or blog posts, for example.

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