Rainmaking Recommendation # 40: It doesn’t matter what YOU want

You wouldn’t offer a monkey a slice of cheese when it wants a banana.

You wouldn’t give a hungry baby a steak when it wants a bottle of milk.

So why is it that we don’t figure out what our potential and current clients really want?  Instead, we tell them what we want for them.

Great Rainmakers take the time to figure out what their clients want when they work with them.  More often than not, it’s not only about a satisfactory resolution to their legal problems.  Clients want to be heard and understood.   They want someone to listen and respond to them on a timely basis.

Usually, if they are contacting you they are going through an issue which you can resolve.  However, it’s not usually the specific issue that causes them to contact you – it’s the pain that issue causes them.   Figure out what that specific pain is and find a way to resolve it.  You can find this “pain” by continually asking questions.

Put yourself in your clients’ place and try to understand what it is they truly want.

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