Rainmaking Recommendation #64: You Never Know Where You Will Meet Your Next Client

Rainmaking Recommendation #64:  You Never Know Where You Will Meet Your Next Client

(There will be a reader who will see themselves in this Rainmaking Recommendation because he was one of its stars.) 

Last week I was working at a client’s law office.  I went outside on this absolutely gorgeous day to take a break and saw a gentleman in the parking lot that had a flat tire.  While I personally could not help him change a tire (that’s what AAA if for), we began speaking and in the course of a five minute conversation learned that he may have a legal issue with which one of the attorneys in the firm may be able to assist him.   So while he continued to change the tire, I ran back inside to grab the attorney and personally introduce him to the gentleman outside.

I also tell this story about a client of mine who was divorced with kids who was talking to another divorced father on a line in Burger King.   Within minutes they were all having lunch together and my client had found the owner of one of the biggest companies in the area who just happened to be looking for a new attorney.   This business owner introduced my client to more and more of his friends who also owned businesses and the referrals have still not stopped.

The point is this:  You never know where you are going to meet your next client.  You have to learn to begin talking to anyone and everyone and learn about them.

Networking does not have to be in large groups.  Networking is truly done one on one.  That next person you are speaking with may turn out to change your entire law practice.



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