Archives for July 28, 2021

Rainmaking Recommendation #251: Follow the G.O.A.T.

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I’ve been watching, but maybe not as avidly as I have done in the past.  The one event that I and millions of others have been watching since the games began is women’s gymnastics.  I can safely say that everyone who was going to watch was there to see […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #250: A Deeper Dive Into Rainmaking Tactics (Part 4 – Writing)

In Rainmaking Recommendation #249, I explained that two of the best tactics you could use were public speaking and writing for showcasing your knowledge.  And while that Rainmaking Recommendation delved into public speaking, this one dives into writing. As attorneys, we are trained as writers.  Literally.  I don’t know any law school that doesn’t have […]