Bless me Blawgosphere, For I have Sinned

Okay – I’m not of the Catholic Faith, and I am not sure to whom I am really confessing this sin.  However,  as a person who coaches attorneys on Time Management, Organization, and Rainmaking Activities including using the internet to get new clients (blogs, social media, for example) I felt the need to write this post.


It’s been 26 days since I last posted to this blog and while I can provide all of the excuses – I’ve

  • Been sick (unfortunately, this is true and I have been fighting something for a month or so),
  • Been busy trying to get other things done in my personal life,
  • Been using other rainmaking activities to obtain new clients,
  • Been doing a lot of webcasts, podcasts and live seminars,
  • Been working with my new clients (yes, new clients do take up a tremendous amount of time to be able to get them up to speed, however this is an excuse I don’t let my clients use so I am willing to have my feet held to the fire on this one),
  • Been burned out and needed a break (only partially true because as any entrepreneur will tell you that owning your own business is a full time investment),
  • Not had anything to say (which if you knew me personally, you would know that I am not at a loss for words ever),

the truth is this:  the biggest sin that a blogger can commit is not posting on a regular basis – particularly if you would like to use it as a method to grow your book of business.

The second truth is that there is no excuse not to post on a regular basis.

Some of the people who are reading this will think that I haven’t been gone all that long or uncommunicative.  This is true to those who are members of the Rainmaking Recommendation email list.  They have been continued to receive their legal marketing ideas on a regular basis*.

The reason that Rainmaking Recommendations are always sent is that I have made sure that there is an appointment on my calendar for each of these emails.   Even if I do not get to it until the last minute, I know that I have made a promise to the members of this email list that they will receive them on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.  It is these attorneys to whom I promised Rainmaking and Legal Marketing ideas who keep me accountable.

Part of the problem with blogging is that there is really no accountability.  Or is there?

The reasons why blogs die or become places for occasional posts is that we don’t get to hear from our readers all that often.  Commenting directly on blog posts has gone down since you have other locations in which you post your comments and thoughts – LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter.

We can have the tendency to think that no one is reading so why bother writing at all.  However if you start looking at the analytics of your blog you will find out something wonderful:  someone is reading.   Sometimes it is many people.

These are the people to whom you should hold yourself accountable – the readers of your blog.  Whether it is one person or one million people, if you have decided to blog,  it is like making a promise to that person who has taken the time to open up your blog page – you must do so on a regular basis.  Your readers have come to expect new information from you.

Additionally, new Information, could lead to new clients.   88 billion searches are performed monthly on Google.  This does include searches on facebook, twitter, or any other search engine (Yahoo! Bing).  Every time you add content to your blog which is optimized for the key words your client is seeking, you have the opportunity to show up in these searches.

Mea Culpa:

To the readers of this blog in the past, I am sorry for not posting new information on a more regular basis.  I am holding myself accountable to you to get you the best Rainmaking and Legal Marketing information into your hands so that you can grow your books of business.

To those new readers who have just stumbled on this blog, I promise to blog on a more consistent and constant basis.

You can hold me to this if you wish here, on FaceBook, on Twitter, on LinkedIn or Google+ or even if you wish to send me an email.

*a backlog of Rainmaking Recommendations which, as of yet, have not been posted will be going up on the site shortly.


  1. Brice Recker says

    Perhaps you should put some time in your schedule. For simply attending to the blog. Perhaps a guest blogger could submit a draft or two as well. That way you could ease up a bit.

  2. Jaimie Field says

    Thanks for the comment, Brice. It’s a good idea!

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