Rainmaking Recommednation #52: Acknowledge Me!

Reason #2 Why Client’s Don’t Come Back: You’re Unresponsive

In a continuation of the series on “Why Client’s don’t come back”, this Rainmaking Recommendation will address the number one reason why clients’ don’t come back – because you don’t respond to them.

In this day and age of immediate communication – Wi-Fi, 24 hour internet access, smartphones, emails, and social media – clients almost demand that you respond on instantaneous basis.  It used to be that 24 hours was an acceptable amount of time to get back.  Now, people want a response yesterday.

As attorneys, we have some clients who, let’s admit it, are a bit of a pain in the . . . They call constantly, they email incessantly, they seem to contact you every hour on the hour.

Further, the pace in which cases sometimes move is snail-like.  You may not have anything to report to them at that time.  This is when clients get most antsy.   They haven’t heard from you.

Finally, when clients are afforded a return contact (call or email), it comes from an associate or assistant.

When a client comes to you, it is usually for a specific reason.  They hired you to help them with a problem or situation that is causing them pain.  It’s up to you to help alleviate that pain in any way you can.  This includes reassuring them even when there is nothing to report.

Clients just want to be recognized as important, because in their minds they are your only client; and they want to be recognized immediately.  You need to do this!

I know, you’re busy  – you have many clients, briefs to write, cases to try, etc.  However, it only takes a few moments to write a return email or make a quick call just to let your client know that you have heard them.

You’d be surprised at how much clients will appreciate these small gestures.

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