Rainmaking Recommendation #10 – What do you do?

You are at a networking event.  What is one of the first questions we are asked by strangers?

“What do you do?”

If you are like most lawyers, you reply: “I’m an attorney.”

While this satisfies the question, it will get you nowhere.  You need to tell others, in an interesting and memorable way what you do for a living.  You are not just an attorney – you are a specialist in a certain area of law.

Develop an interesting way to tell other’s what you specifically do in the practice of law.  There are two reasons for doing so:

First, so that they ask more specific questions about your practice to learn more;

Second, so that when they hear of someone who may need your services, they know immediately who to refer.

For example, I don’t tell people I am a law firm marketer.  I tell them:  “I am a Rainmaking Coach and Trainer.  I teach attorneys how to get new clients fast and ethically.”

Use the comment section below to other readers of this blog how you answer the question:  “What do you do?”


  1. I am a senior partner in a 35-attorney business law firm with offices in Dallas and Frisco, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. We help entrepreneurial businesses with their litigation and transactional needs.

  2. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  3. Great tip! How would you suggest attorneys get this same idea across on their business cards?

  4. I am responsible for the pr in a law firm: I help journalists to find a story and lawyers to find an audience.

  5. I provide a team of highly trained legal receptionists 24/7. We help attorneys grow their practice by managing new client calls when the firm is unavailable.

  6. Since I do a lot of different things, I tweak the answer, depending on what I think the person may need. For example:

    For business owners:

    “I help people start their own business.”


    “When businesses make a mess, they call me to clean it up. I’m a law version of janitor.”

    For other lawyers:

    “When a law firm needs specialized help on a complex case, I’m in charge of the SWAT team…” (putting together teams to do complex doc review, etc.)

    For individuals:

    “I spank insurance and mortgage companies when they try to screw people over.” (covers PI and foreclosure defense)

  7. Jaimie Field says

    David: Those are awesome! And you obviously have a great sense of humor!

    Frances: I love how you describe what you do!

    Erik: I like it!

    Kevin: Thanks for reading! By the way business cards are the most underutilized piece of marketing collateral that attorneys have – look for a post in the near future about business cards in the future.

    CNA training: thank you for your support

    John: excellent description!

  8. Great idea; the presentation does make a big difference!

  9. Jaimie Field says

    Thank you for the comment Maxine.

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