Rainmaking Recommendation #11: Halfway There

Not to frighten you, but this year is officially half over.  What have you done to advance your Rainmaking skills?

Do you have a written Rainmaking plan?  If not, why not?

Do you set schedule time, every day, to do at least one Rainmaking Activity?

As a Rainmaking coach and a trainer, I cannot force you to do what you need to do.  I can only motivate and educate you.   You need to find the motivation to do the tasks necessary to advance your practice.

Motivation comes from having goals.  These goals must be worthwhile to you.   Whether your goals are to make partner, earn more money, make enough to go on more vacations, create a life that you are looking to create, or whatever reasons you may have, they have to have meaning to you.   target

Just use the oft-quoted acronym:  SMARTY when determining your goals:

S = Specific:  Be very specific about the goals you want to achieve

M=Measurable:  Can you put a number or some other measurement to this goal?

A= Actionable:  Is this something that you can take action on?

R = Realistic:  Will you be able to achieve this goal?  If a goal is not realistic you will have a tendency to beat yourself up if you don’t achieve it.

T = Time Bound:  Your goals must have a deadline.  If they don’t then it becomes only a dream.


Y = You:  Is it YOUR goal or is it a goal you think you should be accomplishing because someone else thinks you should.  This is a surefire way to have a goal languishing because you will NEVER have the motivation to accomplish it.

It’s not too late this year to start.  Start by writing down your goals and then motivate yourself to accomplish them.

What’s your motivation?  Use the comment section to tell others how you motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

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  1. This is a wonderful topic. I am an optimist. No matter how challenging the prior day was I am able to wake up and embrace the day. I find that it is important to have a plan of action. I do not network every day. For example, I was in depositions in NYC all day yesterday and had no opportunity to network.

    However, on other days I do have a networking plan. I designate certain time for networking each day. My motivation is simple, I enjoy networking. I believe in bringing leads and ideas to the table when I meet people (pay it forward.)

    Two more thoughts- if you enjoy what you do it shows. One of the worst things is to come across as if you are going through the motions. That will turn people off. Second, if you make a promise or commitment keep it. There is no excuse for failing to keep your word.

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  1. […] This rainmaking recommendation is not about “How” to set goals.  My blog is filled with how (as is any of the sites on the web when you Google the term) using the SMARTY technique. […]

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