Rainmaking Recommendation #110 – The Super (Bowl) Card

The Actual Card Received

The Actual Card Received

Today is my birthday – yes, this IS a blatant way to get you to send an email or make a comment wishing me a wonderful day.  And no, I am not telling you how old I am.

I was thinking about days we celebrate, particularly because of what occurred the other day.

Last Saturday, I received the most amazing card from a former client of mine, Alix Rubin.  At first I thought it was a birthday card; instead it was a Super Bowl Card!!   (You learned well, grasshopper.)

The card’s face was covered in footballs and inside the card said – Enjoy the Game.

Below that, she wrote a great note which carried on the football theme:

 Dear Jaimie,

 May the best team win! (If you get this after the game, hope your favorite won.)

 Thank you for helping me to be my best and get closer to the end zone.  Hope you score many touchdowns in your life and your work.

Best regards,


I know, because I taught her to think outside the box when it comes to holiday cards, that she also sent this card to many other people.  However even this was more creative than I had thought of (kudos!!).

Let me ask you a question:  Do you think they are going to remember a person who sent them holiday cards out of all of the holiday cards they received  during the season?  Or will they remember the one Super Bowl card that they got from her?

There are so many great days to celebrate; there are fun and weird calendars all over the internet. Find a wacky one to celebrate (for absolutely no other reason than to get in touch) – use your imagination.

By the way, in addition to it being my birthday, February 4th is:

  • Facebook’s Birthday,
  • World Cancer Day,
  • Thank a Mailman Day,
  • Homemade Soup Day,
  • Stuffed Mushroom Day,
  • Liberace Day,
  • USO Day, and
  • National Boys and Girls in Sports Day (the first Wednesday in February).

Use one of these crazy and/or poignant holidays to get in touch with your former clients, your current clients and those people who refer business to you.  I guarantee you will get responses if you do.

And send me one too!

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