Rainmaking Recommendation # 124: Taking It To The Next level

(Image courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net/masterisolatedimages)

(Image courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net/masterisolatedimages)

This is an incredibly short Rainmaking Recommendation.  But nevertheless, it could be one of the most important factors to your Rainmaking success.  It starts with an actual question that was asked by one of my Rainmaking Coaching Clients:

 “How do I turn a relationship from ‘I know you’ to ‘I trust you?’  

I have a number of contacts who I know and am friendly with.  We’ve done lunch, drinks, etc. and seen each other in social settings.  But that’s not enough to bring in business.  I need to nudge them toward a more meaningful relationship if they’re going to trust me enough to give me their cases, or to refer me to their close contacts.”

I could answer this question with a list of whole list of methods to do this; there are a plethora of tactics and techniques which can be used to create the bridge from acquaintance to friend and client.  You will find many of these on my blog in the form of past Rainmaking Recommendations and posts, and more will be written on my blog in the future.  There are books that have been written, ad infinitum about this subject.

But, there is only one short answer to this question and it comes from Zig Ziglar (author, salesman and motivational speaker, 1926-2012):

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”



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