Rainmaking Recommendation #159: The Benefits of Creating Your Legal Brand (Legal Branding Series 3)

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In part 1 of this series, we discussed why you need to create a brand.  In part 2, we discussed what characteristics go into creating your brand.  Now, in part 3, we will be discussing the benefits of creating your legal brand.
There is real power in having a brand.  Your brand conveys the promises you are willing to make to your clients without necessarily saying a word.  Your personal brand is, as mentioned in part 2, is “what people say when you leave the room.”   But, what are the true benefits of creating a personal legal brand?

  1. Confers “top of mind” status:

When created carefully and properly, a brand, particularly your legal brand, will make clients, prospective clients and referral sources think of you when an issue that your brand tells them you can handle comes up.  You will be the first person they think about when they need an attorney who can do what you do.

  1. Increases the authority and credence of decisions:

When you have a strong legal brand, people will trust your authority.  They will come to you for information and decisions and will accept them.

  1. Places you in a leadership role


  1. Enhances prestige and trust

Potential clients are attracted to strong brands that convey an emotional connection.  They will  become loyal to you and trust that you will help them, and help the people they refer to you.

  1. Attracts others to you:

Your brand will bring opportunities to you. Opportunities you may not have thought of including speaking and writing opportunities.

  1. It adds perceived value to what you are doing as an attorney:

A strong legal brand helps you develop an image for your business that says, “I am here to help, and I know what I am doing.”

  1. Earns recognition

Your brand, as long as the promises your brand conveys are kept, will help you earn professional recognition amongst your colleagues.  It will also help you earn recognition in the public leading to the last benefit of creating your legal brand

  1. Increases earning potential. 

The more potential clients and referral sources trust your brand, the more clients and referrals you will receive.

A strong legal brand will help you in these and so many other ways.  When you become known as the go-to-authority in your niche and practice area; clients, colleagues and referral sources will come to you when they have an issue that your brand promises to solve.

In part 4 of this series, we will discuss how to create your legal brand.  If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions, please reach out to me.

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