Rainmaking Recommendation #2 – Join and Join In

What is your practice area?  Are you a member of the National and Local Associations which is related to this practice area? 

Most attorneys think that joining their state bar association’s (or the ABA’s) practice committee is going to bring them new clients.  While you may get a referral once in a blue moon from another attorney who might have a conflict of interest, you will get the most business by consistently networking, conversing and developing relationships with the business people who are directly involved in the industry.  

Take a minute; Search the practice area you are in adding the word “association” to the search and you will find the various associations which are related to that industry.  Then join. 

Most importantly join in – make sure you attend their local and state events, write articles for their newsletters, give seminars on your expertise, and create relationships. This will create new business.

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  1. Right on point, for years I always focused my efforts on activities within my bar associations or other legal professional groups and it seldom gave me any work. However, recently I began participating in organizations where client are the primary members, and it has paid dividends, plus I am enjoying myself in these organizations as well. Try it!

    Marcus Kosins
    Tokyo, Japan

  2. Jaimie Field says

    Konishiwa (sp) Marcus!

    Thanks for commenting and confirming my point. I tell my clients (the Attorneys) to ask their client what association they belong to and then just join and become involved.

    Glad you are having a ball too!

  3. Consider consistently sponsoring events of the associations you want to be strongly affiliated with.

    This can provide you with opportunities to speak, have an exhibit table, have your logo on all mail and e-mail invitations and, over time, gain recognition for the message or branding your are trying to establish.

    And, yes, I agree, you must become actively involved.

  4. Jaimie Field says

    Chris –

    It’s a great idea for branding purposes. Thank you for sharing that.

    And it won’t work alone – you need to put a face to the brand by, as you remind others, becoming actively involved as well.

    Again, thank you

  5. Jamie:

    Your advice is spot on. Does is extend to interest groups on LinkedIn?

    Ford Harding

  6. Jaimie Field says

    Hi Ford!

    Thank you for your comment.

    Networking is networking, whether you are doing it in real life or on the internet. You are trying to create connections which will lead to business. As you and I both know, “people do business with people they like”.

    Social Networking is just another wonderful way to connect with others with whom you have like interests or can assist with their problems. LinkedIn is just one of the many Social Networking sites out there to leverage opportunities to meet new people.

    Next post will address this specifically.


    PS – I am a fan 🙂

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