Rainmaking Recommendation #245: A Listicle of 22 Different Tactics to Use for Rainmaking Success

One of the most requested pieces of information for which I am asked is a list of different marketing and business development tactics you could use to

  1. Market your services, and
  2. Create relationships.

So, without further ado, and a promise to go dive deeper into each tactic for future rainmaking recommendations, here is a list of 22 strategies you can use to become a better Rainmaker.  These are in no particular order –with the exception that numbers 1 and 2  which should be done first so that you can use the rest of the methods in a more efficient and effective way:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Develop Ideal Client Profile
  3. Networking
  4. Speaking
  5. Print Publications
  6. Social Media
  7. Webinars
  8. Continuing Education Seminars  – Not just CLE but for other certifications
  9. Email campaign
  10. Snail Mail
  11. Birthday/Holiday/Congratulatory Cards
  12. Conferences and Conventions (both as attendee and presenter)
  13. Blogs
  14. Videos
  15. Association & Trade Shows
  16. Virtual Meetings
  17. Telephone Calls
  18. Write a Book
  19. Educational Videos
  20. Guest blogging
  21. Podcasts (either as guest or host)
  22. Sponsorships

There are so many more methods to become a Rainmaker, but the most important is to find one that works for you and keep doing it – over and over and over again.

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