Rainmaking Recommendation #25: “Bright Shiny Object” Syndrome

Do you suffer from “Bright Shiny Object” Syndrome?  Does the newest Rainmaking Technique or technology call your name the minute you hear about it?

disco ball

There is nothing wrong with trying a new technique, for example using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging, newsletters, etc. to try to reach out to new clients.  However, if you are constantly wandering from one Rainmaking method to another and then to another, you never have the opportunity to fully explore what that particular approach can bring.

Rainmaking requires patience.

It’s about creating relationships, whether online or in real life.  If you keep jumping from “bright shiny object” to “bright shiny object” you will never know which one is really going to work.  Pick a tactic or two and then make a promise to stick with it for at least a quarter of a year.  Make sure you learn all that you need to know about how to use this tactic for marketing and rainmaking purposes, and then execute on these tactics on a consistent and constant basis.

The bright shiny object you are currently using just may be worth millions.

So, is there a “bright shiny object” your itching to try?  Leave your comment below and let others know what it is.

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