Rainmaking Recommendation #279 Craving Balance as a Rainmaker

The word “balance” is used a lot in the legal industry, but I’m here to tell you there is no such thing as true balance. Think of life as a teeter-totter – one side is up, and the other is down. Somedays, work is the most important, and life issues are less so. On other days, life issues are most important, and work is less so.

However, as lawyers, particularly in larger law firms, we are expected to emphasize our work and less on our personal lives. It’s like having your personal life weigh 125 lbs. and your professional life weigh 300 lbs. on the teeter-totter.

That’s no fun!

What is necessary is to find a way to have more weight on things other than your work. You should be able to go up and down easily on the teeter-totter. This means not only having business development plans but also personal development plans. One day, you will work more on business, and the next on more personal goals.

Up and down.

That’s how to achieve a life that you are interested in living.   

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