Rainmaking Recommendation #31: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow*

The economy seems to be turning around, albeit slowly; still many attorneys are finding themselves with more and more work on their desks.

Unfortunately, this is when many attorneys put their rainmaking activities on the back burner.  “I’m too busy right now,” is the reason they give.

They discontinue networking activities, they stop following up with prospective clients, they let their other marketing activities fall by the way side.  They are so busy trying to bill the hours of work that are now on their desk that they neglect to cultivate the relationships which will bring them more business in the future.

Big mistake!

Now is when you need to continue your rainmaking activities.  Not when you don’t have any business on your desk, but when you do.   At some point the case will be over, the project will be finished, the client will no longer need your services at this time.  Then you will find yourself desperate for new projects, cases and clients with which to work.

By lining up new prospective clients or matters with current clients on an ongoing basis you mitigate this risk.   You have the ability to stop the cycle of “feast or famine” as it relates to your book of business by continuing to market yourself and your services consistently and constantly.

*Many thanks to Fleetwood Mac and Classic Rock Radio which inspired this Rainmaking Recommendation when I heard this song.

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