Rainmaking Recommendation # 35: Take a good look back, “SMARTY” people!

This year is flying by so quickly – we are more than halfway through this  year!  It’s time to review what you have (and have not) done to build your books of business. For those who have been reading the Rainmaking Recommendations since its inception will recognize that this is very similar to Rainmaking Recommendation #11 (June 2010) but it truly bears repeating.

Like many people, attorneys begin the year with the amazing intentions of achieving lofty rainmaking goals. The question is: have you achieved these goals or like most New Years’ Resolutions have you let it fall by the wayside?

Don’t beat yourself up if your goals haven’t been achieved (or even started). Just start more intelligently again – NOW.

Write your goals down. For goals to be effective, use the oft cited S.M.A.R.T. system

S – make sure the goal is Specific

M – Make sure the goal is Measurable.

A – Make sure that there are Action steps that you can take every day.

R – Make sure the goal is Realistic

T – Make sure that there is a Time-Frame (or deadline) to it.

Now add one more part:

Y – Make sure the goal is Yours

These are SMARTY goals!

If you have achieved or are starting to achieve the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year – pat yourself on the back! However, now is not the time to “rest on your laurels”. You have momentum on your side. Make new, more exciting, goals and go after them!

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