Rainmaking Recommendation #42: The Second Step to Getting Referrals

Rainmaking Recommendation #41 began the first of three steps on how to get referrals.

The first step answered the question:  Are you Referable?

The second step answers the question:  Do you know how to give referrals?

Why is giving referrals important?  You’ve heard the old adage: “Give to get”.  Nothing could be truer than that statement.    Lawyers, who know much about the law, sometimes fail to take advantage of a law known as “The Law of Reciprocity.”  This law states that people are inherently motivated to pay you back for the nice things you do for them.

However, there is an art to giving great referrals and it begins with these steps:

  • Listen closely to what your prospects, clients, friends and family are saying.  Somewhere in that conversation they may need help with something.  You can then provide a referral that helps them with that problem or issue.  (Your referrals to others do not have to be just providing the other person with new clients.  You can refer doctors, restaurants, movies, a great piece of advice, etc.  The point is that you are listening intently and trying to provide a solution to others. )
  • Discover exactly who the other person’s perfect client is by asking them for a detailed description and try to provide them with a referral that fits that description.
  • Ask the person to whom you have made a referral to keep you in the loop after they have contacted the person you have referred to them.  This will help you to make better referrals in the future.

Start giving great referrals to people and referrals will be returned to you.

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