Rainmaking Recommendation #43: The Third Step to Obtain Referrals

Rainmaking Recommendation #41 asked:  Are you Referable?

Rainmaking Recommendation #42 asked:  Do you know how to give referrals?

This third, but by no means final step, answers the question:  Do you know how to ask for referrals?

Being referable and giving referrals are wonderful ways to start the process.  However, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

You have to make sure that each of your clients and referral sources know that your business thrives on their referrals.  You must also teach your clients,  prospects and referral sources the types of clients who would make good referrals for you.

This requires you to understand exactly who your ideal client is and how to describe them to other people (and “someone who pays my bill” is not a good description).   Take the time to figure out what your perfect client looks like and what solutions you can specifically provide to them.  Be broad enough to allow inclusion by enough of a pool of people (or businesses) but specific enough to jog your referral source’s memory of someone who may meet this description.

Once you have this description, you must begin telling your referral sources about them. Remember your referral sources include current clients, past  clients, and other professionals – people with whom you have developed great trust based relationships.   They need to know you are seeking referrals.  So, ask them – ask them who they know that fits the description of the type of client you are seeking and the problems you can solve for them.  While they may not remember or have someone in mind the first time you ask, you have to keep inquiring of them on a regular basis.  This is where implementing a “system” to obtain referrals comes into play.

Don’t forget to thank your referral sources for any attempts to refer new clients.

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