Rainmaking Recommendation # 65: “Who are you?” Rather than “What do you do?”

When you go to a networking event, what’s the inevitable first question that you get asked or that you ask another?

“What do you do?”

The fact is that this question implies that you are only interested in what they do for business and what they can do for you, not who they are as a person.  And vice versa.

Networking is about creating relationships which can lead to business.  Sales is about closing the deal and no one likes to be sold.  So instead of inquiring about “what do they do”, start with questions which really ask them “Who are you?”

The questions can run the gamut from asking about family, hobbies, and their favorite sports teams (please stay away from the controversial three topics – politics, religion and sex).  You can ask questions about what brought them to the event in the first place.  Compliment them on their shoes, ties, clothing and style. Ask where they bought those items.

When you show interest in the person, rather than their business or what they can do for you, then people will begin to show interest in you.

Inevitably you will get to the question: “What do you do?”  But it doesn’t have to be the first one.

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