Rainmaking Recommendation #7 – One More Thing

What’s the one “more” thing you can do TODAY to continue to become a Rainmaker?

What’s the one phone call can you make to a current or prospective client?  What’s the one more article you can read to learn more about the area in which you practice?  What’s the one more email you can send to create a closer relationship with your clients?

What’s the one more thing you can do which may have a profound effect on your career?

Now that you have that in mind – to quote the Nike ads – “Just Do It”.

Rainmaking Recommendations are sent the first and third Wednesdays of the month.  They are bite size tips that, when implemented will cause you to make rain. To learn more about Rainmaking, Goal Setting and Achieving the Life you want as an Attorney please contact Jaimie B. Field, Esq.


  1. Jamie,

    Great point. I’ve found if you want to really multiply the impact of “one more thing,” you can add “one less thing.” What is the one thing that I need to stop doing. You get a double impact with a stop doing list: first you eliminate wasteful activity and second your free up time for “one more thing.”

  2. Jaimie Field says

    Great Point Doug! I like the “one less” as well!

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