Rainmaking Recommendation #70: How to get there

  In Rainmaking Recommendation #67 – Conduct your own Attorney Review you were asked to look back at where you have been.

In Rainmaking Recommendation #69 – Dream Big you were asked to determine where you want to go.

Rainmaking Recommendation #70 is about how to get there – And this means creating your Rainmaking Plans.

A good rainmaking plan takes into account the where you were, the where you want to go and puts it together with the steps you need to get there.

Many, many, many articles and blog posts have been written about how to set goals.  The acronym S.M.A.R.T. is frequently used to explain how to do this.

(A quick review of this acronym):

S – Specific – do you have a specific goal?

M – measurable – can you measure your progress?

A – Actionable – can you take action on this goal

R- Realistic – Is it a Realistic Goal?

T – is it Time-bound – does it have a deadline?


And of course, if you have read other blogs on www.jaimiefield.com you will know that I talk about SMART-Y goals with a Y – which stands for “You”; is it your goal?

One of the most important parts of this acronym to focus on is the “A” or the action steps you are going to take to reach these goals.   What specific actions are you going to take to make your Rainmaking dreams reality?  What rainmaking tasks will help you achieve your goals?

You would never try to drive somewhere you’ve never been without directions (including a GPS).  Give your Rainmaking Plan a chance to succeed by taking the time to list all of the actions you want to take this year which will help move you toward your goals.  Each step you take towards an objective, the closer you will get to achieve your goals.

Oh, and if you are lost – ask for directions (please feel free to email any questions at all).

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