Rainmaking Recommendation # 72: For the Price of A Cup of Coffee

Rainmaking does not have to cost a lot of money.

Many attorneys are spending tens of thousands of dollars  on websites, SEO tactics, listing services which promise 30 clients in 30 days, buying books on Rainmaking that they don’t actually implement (or worse – don’t read), and this is just a short list.   In fact, think about all of the money you spent in 2012 to get new clients.  You need to figure out what is actually worth spending money upon.

However, there are a ton of low cost and no cost Rainmaking Tactics which you can implement in your practice.  But the key is to actually use them – consistently and constantly.  Here are a quick 5:

  • Create a monthly newsletter;
  • Have a memorable business card;
  • Blog;
  • Offer to speak at a seminar;
  • Use Social Media to meet potential clients;

And finally,

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can meet with a referral source at a diner and connect with them.

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