Rainmaking Recommendation #74: Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile

There truly is a difference between “doing your job” and “going the extra mile”.  It is this difference that will skyrocket your rainmaking efforts as people begin to talk about the fact that you are no ordinary attorney.

How do you “go the extra mile”?

It’s not that difficult.  It is truly the little things that count.  For example you can:

  • Return a call or email within 24 hours (or have your assistant return the call andschedule time to speak with them);
  • Find out, prior to a meeting, what they like to eat or drink and make sure it is available to them at the time they come to visit;
  • Listen to them carefully for moments you can help them with something that has nothing to do with practicing law.  For example, if their back is bothering them, refer them to a chiropractor.  If a birthday is coming up, recommend a great restaurant.  If they need a contractor to renovate their home, refer a reputable one.
  • Admit when something goes wrong and make sure to find a way to rectify it.  Too often we try to sweep mistakes under a rug as we don’t want to be perceived as infallible as attorneys.
  • Don’t make promises you cannot or will not keep.  You cannot win every case, and you don’t know the outcome.  You can only rely on past experience.
  • Be genuinely thankful for the opportunity to work with them.

With almost 1.5 million attorneys practicing in the U.S. there are few things you need to remember:

  1. The number one reason people leave their attorney is “attorney indifference.”  They can, and will,  go elsewhere if they don’t feel like you are taking care of them;
  2. While statistics vary considerably, more people will talk about a bad experience than a good one.  And this is exponentially multiplied when you factor in the internet as a way to spread the news. This can be a great way to make sure clients never come to your office again; and
  3. When you go that extra mile and you now have the ability to legitimately ask your clients for referrals.

How are you going to “go the extra mile?”

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