Rainmaking Recommendation #78: One Small Step

In order to get into the habit of Rainmaking on a regular basis, I have been asking my clients to send me an email at the end of each week to let me know what Rainmaking activities they have performed during the week.  They are to write down, each day, the step they have taken to move their Rainmaking forward.  Even if they did nothing, they are to note that too.

Image Courtesy of samuiblue/freedigitalphotos.net

Image Courtesy of samuiblue/freedigitalphotos.net

Recently, a new client sent me her list.  Each day she noted what she did – from sending an email to an old client to reconnect, to writing a blog post, to answering a question on AVVO, to calling a potential referral source to meet for lunch.    She did something every single day.  At the end of the list, she wrote that she felt like these were only small things she was doing and apologized for that.

During our coaching call, the next week, I reminded her that Rainmaking, like creating any relationship, is not about the big grand gesture, but that each small step brings you closer to achieving your goals.  Each small step you take – like publishing your blog post – will get you known, each networking event you go to and follow up with those you meet we begin to get you more well known, and each time you present a seminar your name gets out there.

In addition, I reminded her that if each of these activities took her 15 minutes per day, at the end of the week she has more than 1.25 hours of rainmaking each week and more than 5 hours per month.  That’s more than most attorneys will take the time to do.

As you have always heard me say – people do business with people they know, like and trust.  Each step brings you closer to that goal.

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