Rainmaking Recommendation # 84: Why You?

Image courtesy of Vlado/freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of Vlado/freedigitalphotos.net

You may have heard of something called a USP.  This is the “Unique Selling Proposition” and in marketing this means the reasons presented by someone as to why their product or service is different or better than another.   It answers the question:  Why you?

You are an attorney.  Sorry to say, you are also one in more than 1,285,000 in the United States who is currently practicing law.

So, why you?

If you cannot answer this question, you will have problems positioning yourself in a market place that is rife with people who do the same thing as you.  Or do they?

  • What do you do differently for your clients?
  • What solutions can you offer your clients that other attorneys cannot?
  • How can you distinguish yourself in a sea of attorneys?

You need to take the time to analyze why your clients come to you, rather than another attorney.  Ask your clients, ask your colleagues, ask yourself.  Then find a way to describe this in a few words or sentences that you can use to position yourself in an industry in which many people think a lawyer is just a lawyer is just a lawyer.

Find what distinguishes you so that when a prospective client or a potential referral source asks:  “Why you?” you have answer.

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