Rainmaking Recommendation #89: What to Expect When They’re Expecting

Great client service is about the client.  

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

I know, how trite.  But so true!

However, you need to understand that each client is truly different from each other.  There will be some clients who will want to talk to you every hour on the hour.  There will be others who don’t want to hear fromyou unless you have something to say.  There are some who will want to nickel and dime you for every bill and others who will not even look at the total when they send the check.

Exceptional client service is really only three steps:

  1. Find out what each client is expecting,
  2. Determine how you are going to manage those expectations, and then
  3. Meet and, more importantly, exceed those expectations.

From the very first phone call, at the very first meeting, you need to suss out what your client wants from you as their attorney.

When you are discussing being retained you can find out what your clients’ expectations with regards to their interactions with you – how much information do they need and how often.  You need to explain billing procedures and how you charge for your time.  You need to agree on strategies for their legal issues.

Once you have determined their needs, it’s time to manage those expectations.   We all know clients who will want to be unreasonable, the trick is to discuss with them what you can and cannot do with regard to their expectations.   Determining what works with you both will help you continue to provide exceptional service to these clients.

Finally, exceed those expectations as often as possible.

What’s the payoff?  Clients who are treated the way they require will become fans.  Fans will become promoters.  Promoters provide referrals.

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