Were you aware that May 6-10 is Well-Being Week in Law? 

It’s understandable if you weren’t aware of this week. After all, most of us are engrossed in building our businesses, serving clients, and meeting billable hour requirements. So, what makes this week stand out?

I hate these “ersatz” holidays or events (not just this one).

While I can appreciate the fact that someone said, “We really should have lawyers and law firms concentrate on their mental and physical health,” the truth is that one week of the year is just not enough. 

Your physical and mental health is essential.  Nay, imperative. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, or depressed; if you are gaining weight, sick all the time, not sleeping enough, if you are just fed up with the way it is right now, you can change it. 

I have been studying personal development for nearly 30 years, and the most exciting thing is that almost all personal development gurus teach the same thing differently. It is about finding one that resonates with you and not just reading or listening to their material but, most importantly, putting it into action. 

Today’s Rainmakers are not like when my father and grandfather practiced.  If you read the trade papers or websites, you see that many well-known Attorneys are dropping dead before their time, committing suicide, or just getting sick.  The pressure in some law firms is just too much.

We will discuss the various personal tactics you can use to enjoy your life and become a better Rainmaker. 

Today, we will talk about sleep.

How much are you sleeping?  If you are not sleeping enough, you must find a way to rectify it. And if you are currently reading this and cursing at me because you do not have time because of your workload, you must decide that your health and well-being are just as essential to your life as your career is. 

First, when you are home, stand at your bedroom door.  If the room is cluttered or dirty, take the time to clean it up and remove anything that doesn’t suit you anymore (and I am not talking about clothing).  Also, buy a new blanket or comforter for your bed.  Make your bed an oasis for you (and your significant other if you have one).

I have a firm mattress with an amazingly fluffy alternative down mattress topper, great pillows, and a lovely comforter.  I love going to bed.  

Second, get an alarm clock! 

I love my alarm clock!  It simulates sunrise half an hour before the alarm goes off. 

I have two alarm clocks: the one above and an old one across the room. Although you shouldn’t hit the snooze bar, sometimes I have the tendency to do so. A minute later, I am out of bed and walking around the room to turn off the other alarm. Now, I’m out of bed for the day.

Do not use your phone as your alarm. There are many articles out there about how the blue light from phones, computers, and TVs can disturb your sleep. 

When You Wake Up:

Put your phone in another room, or at least on the other side of the room, so that you will not be tempted to look at your emails and texts before you go to bed and when you awaken before you even put your feet on the floor. Unless your practice requires you to be available 24/7, and most practices do not, you must wash your face and have a cup of water before you start.  

I leave my phone in another room in my apartment when I sleep, and all notifications are turned off. My friends and family know that they can reach me by my home phone if they really need to. Yes, I still have a home phone (VOIP).

I now always have a glass of water next to my bed. When I go to bed, I fill up a glass with water and ice; by the time I wake up, the ice has melted.  I drink it because my doctor told me that people lose water in their sleep from sweating, and you can be dehydrated when you wake up. It has made a difference for me.

Then, I begin the other aspects of my morning routine. 

We will discuss those other physical and mental wellness aspects next Wednesday (even though the “week” will be over) because wellness is for your whole life, not just one week.

And wellness affects your ability to become a fantastic Rainmaker.  

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