Rainmaking Recommendations #49: Who do YOU want to represent?

All great Rainmakers know the following:  You have to love what you do and who your clients are because:

  • When you are in a practice area that you love practicing law does not feel like work;
  • When you love working with your clients they will love working with you.  You will actually return calls, and communicate more.  This translates to happy clients which equals more referrals;
  • When you are in a practice area or niche in which you are interested, you will learn everything you can about it making you a subject matter expert. Potential clients want to work with attorneys who they know can help them with their legal matter in an intelligent, efficient, cost effective manner;
  • When you love your clients you find ways to network with other people who are just like them.  This could be demographically the same or from the same niche industry.  The more networking you do within these groups, whether it is on line or in person, the more likely you are to turn these people into clients.

While these are only four reasons why you should determine who your ideal clients are and what practice area you love, there are many more.

Most importantly, when you have clients with whom you love working and in a practice area which is of interest, you enjoy your life.

So make 2012 the year that you start working only in the practice areas and with the type of clients you love.   Replace your old clients with whom the matter is completed with new clients who love what you do for them.   Your business will grow exponentially.

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