Welcome to the Enlightened Rainmaker Blog

Welcome to the Enlightened Rainmaker blog.

I’m Jaimie Field and I am passionate about helping attorneys create great lives as well as great books of business.  While this will be geared towards attorneys, anyone who stumbles upon this blog will benefit by applying the information.  It will help them to create fulfilling lives as well. 

An Enlightened Rainmaker is someone who is looking for true success in their lives.  However, my definition of success includes more than monetary rewards.   Money is a very important piece, but there are other measures of success.

Success is very simple. 

Think of your life as a delicious pie with 5 slices.  Each of these slices represents a part of your life in which you should have goals and dreams:

  • Physical & Health
  • Career & Financial
  • Home & Family
  • Social & Cultural
  • Spiritual & Intellectual*


 Success Pie

The goal is to have each piece be of equal sizes.  This, to me, is what success truly is.  This is balance.

At certain times in your life, one slice may be bigger than the others.  However, the goal of your becoming a successful Enlightened Rainmaker is to find a way to make all the slices equal as often as possible.

Over the course of this blog, each one of “pieces of the pie” will be explored.  And while this blog may concentrate on ideas, thoughts and suggestions on ways to grow your book of business (Career and Financial Slice) I hope to provide you with wisdom gleaned from many years of moving towards my success that will help you improve each of these areas. 

My life is not entirely in balance.  Some slices of my pie are a lot bigger than others (right now I am concentrating on my physical & health slice as well as the career & financial slice).  However, as I teach others, I also apply what I learn from you to my life and the balance is getting there – slowly – but it is getting there. 

(*I will not be discussing my spiritual beliefs or anyone else’s.  This is between you and whatever nature of spirituality you embrace, even if it is Agnosticism or Atheism.  The term “Spiritual” in this instance includes your ethical beliefs and I think that everyone knows what it means to be ethical.)


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