Archives for February 26, 2020

Rainmaking Recommendation #195: Failure to Implement Syndrome

Do you suffer from Failure to Implement Syndrome? Do you read books, listen to podcasts, even read (these) blogs and then do nothing with the information?  It’s called failure to implement and you will never build a book of business that way.  Listen, I am guilty of this “disease” as well.  With the amount of […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #194: Stop the Insanity!!

With all due respect to Susan Powter (who you ask?? keep reading), I’m asking you to “stop the insanity.” In the heyday of really annoying 1990s infomercials, a spiky-haired blonde lady would invade our t.v. sets almost hourly telling us that the diet industry is broken and selling us on her plan to lose weight.  […]