Rainmaking Recommendation #163: Focus on Rainmaking Every Day, But….

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Ever since I became a Rainmaking Trainer and Coach more than 16 years ago, I have said over and over again that you need to do some marketing or business development activity every single day.

However, recently I was asked a question:  How much time should I spend on marketing and business development activities per week?

The answer is very lawyerlike:  “it depends.”

It is not about the amount of time, although the more time you can spend doing higher value activities that attract your ideal clients and referral sources the better.  But to quantify it into a specific number of hours per week is incredibly difficult.

What most attorneys do is try a tremendous number of different rainmaking tactics,  each of which may eat up a lot of time and when nothing comes of it they say it doesn’t work.  They claim they are constantly trying to bring in new business but their focus is scattered.

Rainmaking is not about the number of different marketing and business development methods you can use to bring in new clients – and there are literally hundreds of different ways to bring in new clients ethically – it’s about being strategic with the techniques you use.  Find the one or two or three that you will do on a regular and consistent basis that fit into the strategy that you have developed.

Being strategic means carefully designing your rainmaking and business development around the goals you want to achieve.  It means determining who your ideal clients are in a detailed manner, ascertaining where you can meet them (both on and offline), providing information that they need or didn’t know they wanted, and creating the relationships that lead to new business and/or referrals.

So be more strategic with your time, rather than just spending time just to spend time.


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