Welcome to the new and improved newsletter. It used to be called Rainmaking Recommendations because it contained a tip or tactic that you could use to build your book of business. Do not despair—this newsletter will include those as well. But before I can tell you about the new newsletter, I wanted to provide a little history. I promise to make it short, but there is no TL:DR.

When I started my company, Marketing Field, LLC, in 2002, I worked with Solo to Midsize law firms as their “fractional” Marketing Director. I did the strategy and implementation of the tactics. One of the tactics was Rainmaking Coaching and Training.

Seven years later, I realized that the marketing implementation part of my work was not making me happy, so I decided to concentrate on Rainmaking Training and Coaching and high-level Marketing Strategy for Midmarket, Virtual, and Large Law.  

In December 2009 I began my blog site: jaimiefield.com with my first blog entitled “Welcome to the Enlighted Rainmaker.”  It details the areas of life you need to work on, not just your business, to become your best self and a great rainmaker. In short, it was written to detail that a combination of personal and professional development were what was going to make you happy AND successful.

However, at that time, I felt like marketing the fact that personal development was essential to Rainmaking was a bit “woo-woo” for lawyers. And even though when you became a client, you learned professional and business development, I wasn’t marketing it.

Now, after a two and a half year battle with incurable lung and brain cancer I don’t care if some lawyers feel like learning personal development is too metaphysical, I just don’t care. 


Because I know it works. 


From day one of my diagnosis that this was an incurable but manageable cancer  (my oncologist wanted me to think of it as Diabetes – something you have to deal with daily, but you can live a very long time if you take care of yourself), I said to my doctor: “F*@k that – watch me become cancer free.”    

By the way, if you read it, it was before I became cancer-free, and I was still dealing with fatigue, so the newsletter promised then is starting now.  

And, after a dogfight of a time battling it (and it was hellish at times), I won. I am now cancer-free!! And it was because I used personal development lessons I have learned over the 40 years I have been studying.

Now, I am using the personal development lessons I continue to learn along with the business development lessons I use and teach to refresh my company (while ill, I was still in business but not building mine). If you would like to follow along, I will probably start a YouTube page in June (I am still noodling this).  

So, while this first newsletter doesn’t contain many tactics and tips, I promise that every Wednesday, from here on out, I will include them. There will be both personal and business development tactics. It will help you find the balance between having a happy life and a lucrative career.   

And, if you scroll down, you will see some other columns: these will be used for a variety of things:  books that can help you, motivational quotes, articles you may want to read, and special offers that only the readers of this newsletter are privy to. 

For those of you who are not interested in receiving this newsletter, I will be sad to see you go, but I understand. Please use the unsubscribe button at the bottom. But remember you will miss out on some amazing content and offers (if I must say so myself. 

Thank you for reading, and prepare for The-Rain-Maker’s new iteration. 

I will do my best to ensure your success! 


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