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Rainmaking Recommendation #240: How Are You Doing?

This may seem like a strange Rainmaking Recommendation, but I have a question for you? How are you doing? I ask because May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the first week in May is Well Being Week In Law (WWIL).  It’s also because mindset is probably one of the most important aspects of becoming […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #239: 10 Ways to Meet Your Prospective Ideal Clients

Prospective Ideal clients – these are the people and businesses with whom you would like to do business.  But often, I am asked the question: What if they already have a lawyer or law firm with which they work?  My answer is quite simple:  “So what?”  This answer is because there are so many reasons […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #238: Tell Me Why

LinkedIn usage is up considerably since the beginning of the pandemic.  According to statistics, the number of conversations on LinkedIn rose 55% in 2020, and the amount of content creation that was shared was up by 60%.  All statistics regarding this B2B platform have all gone through the roof.  At least that’s what the stats […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #237: When Is It Too Much Information?

This Rainmaking Recommendation is a result of a Facebook posting in which someone I know said it was no one’s business whether or not they were going to receive, or had received, Covid Vaccines.  And while I agreed, it is no one’s business unless you make it their business, I also said that I was […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #236: How to Spend Your time on Rainmaking (the Pandemic Edition)

Way back in 2013, I wrote a blog entitled: The Mathematics of Time for Rainmaking.  In it, I dispelled the myth that I hear from my clients who are in Mid-market and Big Law firms: “I don’t have the time to do Rainmaking.” So, I showed you how much time you really did have. Let’s […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #235: The Art Of Your Introduction (Your Audio Business Card)

Since the pandemic started, I have been doing a tremendous amount of virtual networking with a plethora of people. I am speaking specifically of group networking, not just virtual one-on-ones. And I have noticed something very interesting:  many have trouble describing what they do for a living in a few short, memorable sentences.   This is […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #234: 10 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Referrals

Referrals can be one of the best Rainmaking tactics you can use to grow your book of business.  But, many lawyers aren’t getting the quality or quantity of referrals that they would like.  Here are 10 reasons you’re not getting referrals: You aren’t top of mind I’ve often said that people do not wake up […]

Rainmaking Recommendation 232: How to Become an Authority: Influence

In this last part of the series about how to become an authority, I reiterate the definition that I have come to love: Authority = Expertise* + Influence We deconstructed this definition and discussed why you need to become an authority and how to develop expertise*. You must understand that there are hundreds of thousands of experts* in […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #231: How to Become an Authority: Expertise

In Rainmaking Recommendation #230, I discussed why you need to become an authority in your practice area and niche.  As mentioned in the last post, I really like Ian Brodie’s definition of authority: Authority = Expertise* + Influence Expertise*: If you have been reading these Rainmaking Recommendations for any length of time, you know that […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #230: Why You Need to Become an Authority

HBO is currently airing a documentary entitled Fake Famous.  The movie’s premise is to see if the filmmakers can take three ordinary 20 somethings and turn them into Instagram Influencers.  Without explaining the entire film of the documentarians using fake bots for followers, likes, and comments, they succeed in turning one woman into an “influencer” […]