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Rainmaking Recommendation #46: The Reasons You aren’t becoming a Rainmaker

There are only two reasons why you aren’t becoming a Rainmaker. 1. You don’t know what to do If this is the case there are many things you can do: Take a class, Read a book, Ask a mentor, Hire a Rainmaking Coach And 2. You aren’t doing the things you need to do on […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #45: The Difference between Rainmaking and Marketing

Simply put, marketing is communicating what you can do for prospective clients by creating awareness. Rainmaking is converting those people into prospective clients by creating relationships. Marketing educates your prospective clients and referrals sources about the services you can provide to them. Rainmaking creates the relationships which allow your prospects and referrals to know that […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #44: Develop a Referral “System”

If you are referable (Rainmaking Recommendation #41) And you know how to give referrals (Rainmaking Recommendation #42) And you know how to ask for referrals (Rainmaking Recommendation #43) Why aren’t you getting referrals on a regular basis? It’s probably because you don’t have a system for getting referrals in place. One of the definitions of […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #43: The Third Step to Obtain Referrals

Rainmaking Recommendation #41 asked:  Are you Referable? Rainmaking Recommendation #42 asked:  Do you know how to give referrals? This third, but by no means final step, answers the question:  Do you know how to ask for referrals? Being referable and giving referrals are wonderful ways to start the process.  However, if you don’t ask, you […]

Rainmaking Recommendation #42: The Second Step to Getting Referrals

Rainmaking Recommendation #41 began the first of three steps on how to get referrals. The first step answered the question:  Are you Referable? The second step answers the question:  Do you know how to give referrals? Why is giving referrals important?  You’ve heard the old adage: “Give to get”.  Nothing could be truer than that […]